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Ziggy The Zebra Experience

Meet Ziggy the Zebra - an amazing experience you'll never forget!

" Hi, I'm Ziggy the zebra and I came from Africa as a 2-year-old.

It has taken Bev 6 months to actually own me.

After ticking all the appropriate boxes, with all the licensed documents and insurance that is needed to own a zebra.

I am the only Zebra in the UK that you can actually get up close to and feed. This is a very special and rare experience.

Bev is a very special lady to own me.

She is an equine behaviourist and has spent hours training me to be the zebra I am today.

We have had a lot of publicity, not just anyone can own a zebra.

Why not read more about Ziggy in The Mirror, in an article which was published in February 2021?

We are in all the national newspapers and on TV too.

Watch a video from The Yorkshire Post to learn a bit more about our journey.

You will meet Ziggy in private, hear about his fascinating life and where he came from, feed and pet him, and get a chance to take photographs to commemorate the experience!

You'll also receive a special gift.

The Ziggy the Zebra Experience lasts up to an hour. Ziggy is only allowed 3 viewings a day - though we're sure he'd happily accept more as it gives him the chance to munch down his favourite food!

Just £60 per person (by appointment only)

Enquire about our zebra afternoon tea packages here

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Ziggy the zebra party
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