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Bawtry Alpaca Trekking And Experience

alpaca trekking, 1 lady and a little girl

Trek with our beautiful Bawtry alpacas through our countryside hack path

Alpacas originated from South America and belong to the camelid family, meaning they are related to camels! Alpacas may look like llamas, but they are actually quite a bit smaller. Alpacas are grazing animals and will have a go at chewing just about anything!

Our lovely Bawtry alpacas make great companions as you enjoy a leisurely hack through the beautiful countryside that surrounds the Equine Dreams of Bawtry site.

The trek takes around an hour. We will leave the yard with alpaca in hand to take a stroll at a comfortable pace, pausing at short intervals to make sure the animals and you are enjoying yourselves.


The minimum age for our alpaca treks is 7.

Price- £30 per person


Enquire about our alpaca afternoon tea packages here

The Bawtry Alpaca Experience!


Option for under 7's

We are also offering the Bawtry Alpaca Experience - this gives adults, and children over 3, the chance to meet and greet our alpacas in a private, personal environment. You'll be able to feed and pet the alpacas and walk them in a safe enclosure, and take a picture or two as a keepsake.

The Bawtry Alpaca Experience costs just £15 per person including under 7's and adults and is a lovely, enjoyable and unforgettable experience designed to create magical memories for your children.

Why not ask about our wonderful Bawtry alpaca parties?

What better way to celebrate a children's birthday than to spend a little time with our alpacas, feed and pet them and enjoy plenty of treats and refreshments?


alpaca trekking, 3 ladies and 2 children with alpaca
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